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Christmas Card Sunday

Finally broke out the Christmas stamp for my WIW Card Challenge. Hopefully inspiration will strike again and I can make another Christmas card for next week’s post… it’ll be the final Sunday of the month!! This month flew by so quickly!!

Here’s the deets: Every Sunday I’m hoping to post a new/different Christmas card. The […]

So Sweet of You

Here’s another card in my WIW Card Challenge. I think this stamp is the one I have the most trouble using in this set. And I don’t know why… because I think it’s the cutest one in here!

Short post for today. My cousin and her fam are coming over for dinner tonight so […]

Still playing catch up!!!

100×100 challenge day 13… cards #10-12.

Not too bad if I do say so!!

These are all birthday cards. And with the exception of the card bases, they’re all scraps!

These are also cards #4-6 in this month’s WIW challenge. I am honestly having a lot of fun challenging myself to use […]

Dinner Break Post!

This is just a super quick post as I sit down for a second while getting dinner ready! Usually I have my posts all scheduled in advance so this is a rare moment for me!!

I wanted to share a really quick card I made today… J has been off the last 2 days so […]

WIW Progress!

I am making progress on my What It’s Worth Card Challenge! I know these are both baby boy cards but I like to work with the same things at the same time to limit the amount of things I take out, because it translates to the amount of stuff I have to put away when […]

Another series?!?

Haha. Have you had enough of me and my series-eseses postings yet? This is another thing on my list of things to do this year. I have hoarded supplies for a very, very long time and there is so much in my stash that is sorely neglected or untouched, especially my stamps. And I honestly […]