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2017 Goals

The start of this year brought about some really big changes and they’re all amazingly good things.  Different, but still good!  So with that in mind, and how I want to keep moving forward… onward and upward… my word for 2017 is HUSTLE.  

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Gotta work hard to get what I want but gotta remember to stay humble.  I think everyone has an ideal of who they want to be and what they wanna look like, so this year is all about the HUSTLE to get there and get to that ideal.

Now onto my goals…

Crafty Goals:
–  100 cards
–  Color one image a day (or at least attempt to)
–  Participate in Project Life – monthly
–  Print pictures regularly.
–  Scrapbook a couple layouts a month.
–  Participate in a crop every month.

Personal/Blog Challenges: (All three challenges are combinable)
– Not sure I’ll have time to do these this year… it’s going to be a busy one!!

100 cards for 100×100 challenge

My rules for the 100×100:
–  I will not buy anything to make these cards.  Don’t get me wrong, I will buy stuff, but nothing specifically to make a card for this challenge.
–  I will try to post one card every day.
–  ONLY new, individual cards count towards goal, DT cards included. When I say “new, individual,” I mean duplicates don’t count.

“What It’s Worth” Card Challenge – Make at least as many cards as a stamp/set is worth in dollars (rounding up to the next dollar).  Each individual card counts as $1.  So if I buy a stamp for $4, I need to make 4 different cards with it.  If I buy a stamp set for $20, I need to make 20 cards, trying as hard as I can to use each stamp in the set evenly.  I looked at the stamp sets I have and there are some that will make it hard to use every single stamp evenly… but I will try!  The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards.  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects.

“WERK IT” Card Challenge – Make the most out of sheets of coordinating paper and 6×6 paper pads using OSW tutorials and Paper Pad tutorials (like on OWH), and post progress every month.  Try to do one a month.

Business Goals:
–  maintain Etsy store
–  launch and maintain retail store
–  maintain locker more regularly
–  participate in craft fairs regularly
–  continue teaching papercrafting classes and up enrollment
–  be able to take over one monthly bill using business money

Home Goals:
–  clean and purge until there’s more storage than stuff – downsize craft stash, clean out boys room and my bedroom.
–  fix up garden, restart garden and grow things!
–  cook 3x a week
–  bake 2x a month

Personal Goals:
–  work on my fitness!  Get in shape.  Be able to run with my kids.
–  lose 70 lbs.  SERIOUSLY.  I think of it as 20-ish lbs per kid.  haha.
–  spend time with friends/extended family at least 1x a month.

Financial Goals:
–  continue to put money aside every month according to budget plan
–  start saving up for next trip
–  start saving up for renovation

lovies, =o) kel