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9 card tutorial (video) w/CCS

First off I want to say hello to all my friends (and soon-to be friends!) visiting me today!  Life has been crazy busy this year and I had totally lost my mojo at the beginning of this year… hence the sparse blog and infrequent posts.  But I have successfully closed a HUGE chapter in my life, serving as my campus’ Student Government President for 2 years, and am happy to move on.  Well, not totally closed and not totally moved on as I am still helping out where I can but it is no longer my primary responsibility (or one of them) and that is a HUGE burden off my shoulders.  And I know I say burden, but it was a burden I was happy to bear for the time that I did it, but I’m happy to move on and confident that what I worked so hard to establish (new advisor, new senate, new rules!) will be continued and just… things will be okay!!

Things are still super busy for me, as I was mis-advised (told me I had 5 classes to graduate when I actually have TEN) so my class schedule is jam-packed, and I am working full-time on top of that (and on top of everything home and family too!) but I’ll be okay!  And now that there’s no SG, I can spend my non-studying time on crafts instead of legislation and committee reports and bleh!!!!!! haha!!

Anywhoo, just wanted to say thanks again for sticking with me, and I hope to have some fun new (and regular!) posts for you… but don’t be surprised if I disappear come midterms and finals this summer and fall!!  haha!!  And now onto your regularly scheduled post!

Hi Friends!! I’m blogging over at the CutCardstock Blog today!! We just celebrated Mother’s Day here in the States, so I wanted to share this super fun floral card set with you because the colors and patterns made me think of mom-ish cards!!  Note that I didn’t actually make “mom” cards because we’re past the holiday lol!!

I used the Shimelle True Stories 6×6 paper pad and wanted to make sure to try to use up all that I can from it!!  I’m totally inspired by Kristie’s 6×6 pad mentality, where she tries to use up the ENTIRE pad in an extended crafting session… I am not quite to using the entire pad yet but I think I did pretty well with these 4 sheets, ending up with 9 super fun cards!!  I also used (5) 8.5″x11″ sheets to make these cards but did have a whole bunch of scrap leftover.

The tutorial is at the end of the post… it’s my first ever Youtube video/video tutorial, so be kind! I’d appreciate any suggestions to improve!!  And I really had fun making it so please give me your suggestions so I get better from now on!

The first three I made were congratulations cards using these squares:

I also made two cards with my leftover scraps! Those skinny strips were definitely worth saving!!

The last 4 cards are sitting blank on my desk because I haven’t decided what sentiment I want to go on them yet!  But I am so happy with how this set came out and think I might definitely want to have a go at this again!!!

Here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it!! (and help me come up with a better title next time lol!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Make sure to stay up to date with the latest news and sales on the CutCardstock Facebook Page!!

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