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Cute Bugs Midway w/SD

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It’s time for the mid-way reminder for the current Scribbles Designs Challenge!!  The theme this month is Cute Bugs and I stuck with the bee theme this month lol!!  This beauty is #648 – Heart Tulips in the  Scribbles Designs Store.


I think 95% of the time I make cards, I color first and then find paper to match after.  Sometimes I have papers in mind when I’m coloring but most times I just color what I think works in my mind.  And I definitely thought that this red and yellow color scheme would be perfect and easy to match BUT IT WAS SO HARD!!!! hahaha!!!  I really struggled with this one, but luckily I found this scrap paper in my stash.  Happy when things come together!!

Hope to see you in the challenge, see you again soon!!

lovies, =o) kel

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