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2015 Goals Wrap-up

Crafty Goals:
–  7/52 layouts (one layout per week!) BOO.  I definitely fell behind on this goal!! 
–  239/300 cards 226 (currently made, 13 scheduled)… almost there!! which includes:
–  14/60 Christmas cards Looks like I failed on this one though!!
–  Participate in Project Life – try to do a layout a week.  or a couple layouts a month. Never got around to putting it together… I still bought PLife cards though!! lol.
–  Print pictures monthly.  MAJOR FAIL.  I am so bad with this.  Anyone have any tips on keeping up with the printing?

Personal/Blog Challenges:
100 cards for 100×100 challenge
–  do it 2x this year.  January 1 – April 10 and August 1 – November 8 Will be shooting for it again next year, but January is busy with two weekend conferences (one of them is a 4-day, outer-island conference) so I’m thinking maybe I start after that’s all done with.

My rules for the 100×100:
–  I will not buy anything to make these cards.  Don’t get me wrong, I will buy stuff, but nothing specifically to make a card for this challenge.
–  I will pull scraps before pulling full sheets of paper (PP or CS).
–  When I ink up stamps, I will look for stamps I’ve never inked before going to my favorites.
–  I will try to use sketches for all my cards.
–  I will try to enter every card into at least one challenge.
–  I will try to post one card every day except on DT reveal days (unless it counts towards my goal!).
–  ONLY new, individual cards count towards goal, DT cards included. When I say “new, individual,” I mean duplicates don’t count.

“What It’s Worth” Card Challenge – Make at least as many cards as a stamp/set is worth in dollars (rounding up to the next dollar).  Each individual card counts as $1.  So if I buy a stamp for $4, I need to make 4 different cards with it.  If I buy a stamp set for $20, I need to make 20 cards, trying as hard as I can to use each stamp in the set evenly.  I looked at the stamp sets I have and there are some that will make it hard to use every single stamp evenly… but I will try!  The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards.  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects. Definitely going to do this one again.  I have tons of stamps and sets to use up!!!

Christmas Card Sunday – On Sundays, I’m hoping to post a new/different Christmas card. The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards!  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects – I can buy Christmas stuff for a scrapbook layout or mini album and whatnot but I can’t buy something specifically to make a card for Christmas Card Sunday! Discontinuing indefinitely.

Business Goals:
–  launch and maintain Etsy store Launched, yay!  Need to work on maintaining and updating more frequently. 
–  launch and maintain retail store Nope, *sigh* still waiting on this one. 
–  participate in craft fairs regularly Nope.  Will look to do them again next year, I don’t really have anything other than cards so the shows will have to be smaller until I get more confident.
–  go back to teaching papercrafting classes Yuppers.  Have done well with monthly card classes!!
–  be able to take over one monthly bill using business money Nope, too infrequent to be able to make a steady income.  

Home Goals:
–  clean and purge until there’s more storage than stuff – downsize craft stash. Managed to purge quite a bit.  Still got a ton to go through though… but at least it’s not overflowing and I’m stressing out about where I can shove shit to get it put away.
–  restart garden and grow things! Need to fix the back wall of our raised garden and then can restart.  Excited to do this before spring!!
–  cook 5x a week Not back to 5x a week yet but cooking a couple times a week.  Getting there…
–  bake 2x a week Have been only baking as needed. Seriously been too tired to do much else… but I’ve cut back my on-campus hours starting next semester and will hopefully have more time to do homemaker stuff since I’m not spreading myself out so thin anymore.
–  bake bread at least 1x a week I think I’ve made bread maybe 2x this whole year.  Need to get back to it!

Personal Goals:
–  work on my fitness!  Get in shape.  Be able to run with my kids. Pssssh exercise… pssssh.  But now that I’ve cleaned out the craft room, P90X/Insanity/Kinect here we come!!!
–  lose 60 lbs.  SERIOUSLY.  I think of it as 20lbs per kid.  haha. At least I’m back down to birth weight… To get back to my ideal weight means I need to lose 54lbs.  But more importantly, I’d like to be able to fit back into a size 5/7 like I did when I got married. 
–  journal daily (or almost daily!) Nope.  Been too exhausted at bedtime.  Need to make better/more frequent use of my planner, and thinking of just journaling in there like I used to with my old Morning Glory planners.
–  read a book every week ha! I read every week but it was mostly school-related ish.  Any good book recommendations? 
–  spend time with friends/extended family at least 1x a month. meh, sort of.  We are hanging out more frequently and 
–  finish my degree!! Work-in-progress.  I have a plan that I set up with my transfer advisor though so I’m super confident about where I’m at and where I’m going academically.

Financial Goals:
–  put money aside every month according to budget plan We haven’t been putting money away in all categories but have been managing our money better.  Happy about that. 
–  start saving up for snow trip Done.  Still don’t know where we’re going and when though… but we’re about 1/2way there as far as being able to pay for the whole trip in cash.
–  start saving up for house (DH and I decided we want to try and buy a home of our own in the next 5 years!) No longer the plan.  Instead we’re putting money aside to renovate the house and add on a 2nd floor so the kids can have their own rooms, as well as make the house handicap-friendly for my parents to accommodate their needs as they get older.

Phew that’s a lot of things to do but I think it covers just about all aspects of my life. And of course, things change but hopefully not as drastically as last year and I can stay on track!  Happy New Year everyone!!  Let’s GO together!!!

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