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Pop of Color Challenge w/FAE

Faery Ink FB Challenge time!!  We are doing a pop of color challenge for July!!  All in grayscale besides a bit of a single color similar to the example image:

2015-07 july fb challenge


And here’s my take on it.  Let me say first that this was SO MUCH MORE CHALLENGING than I thought it was going to be!!!  I chose to play with Gabby & the Greys.  I just thought of the background paper with the spaceship/rocket blueprints that I knew I had in my scraps folder and it came together from there.  I thought about using space ship grey and alien green for this one and I am SO GLAD it worked out.  haha!!

I colored her up with Copics in the T family… It was so difficult getting different shades of the same color in there so she wouldn’t look… flat.  I don’t know how else to explain it!  lol.  And then I threw in pops of alien green here and there!  To finish it off I added some HBD rubons in white and added some star-shaped gems to accent.

So much fun!  Hope you come join us this month!!

lovies, =o) kel

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