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Happy Roost! w/DDD

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Today’s card for Diane’s Daydream Designs features a BIRD.  As previously stated, I HATE BIRDS.  Some super cute digi birds have warmed me up though, so I think I just hate birds in real life.  haha.  No offense to bird lovers out there.  I’m just definitely a cat and dog kind of girl!!

This little chicky is from the Country Chicks Color Set (also available in Outlines).  I love how her body is polka-dotted… like she’s been paper pieced!  I’m also using the Country Morning Digi Papers set and pulled the sentiment from the Home to Roost Composite Set.  Phew that’s a lot of sets for this one card!!  The last thing I added to this card (besides the cardstock) was that beautiful red ribbon… I think it was wrapping on something I bought because I definitely don’t have more of it and I wish I did!!  It’s a nice wide grosgrain in that rich Christmas red color.  Love it!

IMG_8269PP, image and sentiment from Diane’s Daydream Designs, cardstock and ribbon from scraps

Happy Saturday!!  To my friends in the states, are you planning anything for Thanksgiving? We usually split our day between J’s parent’s house, and 2 of my aunts’ houses (one my mom’s side, one my dad’s side) for Thanksgiving.  It makes it a long day but we get to see all of our family so that’s nice… and with Baby Z here, I know people are going to want to see him!!

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