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i’m (kinda sorta) baaaaack!

I am almost 19 weeks along and things are finally on a true upswing. I got off IV last week and got my PICC line removed earlier this week… we celebrated by taking the kids and the dogs to the beach yesterday.  I still can’t soak the site (no tubs, pools, etc) until next week but I can shower without wrapping my arm and that in itself is wonderful.  Still on nausea meds and having fits once in a while of unsettled food or holding down the vom but for the most part things are great on the food and drink front.  I haven’t thrown up in about a month so that in itself says something I think!

I am working to build up my stamina and strength though… For the most part I don’t need to rely on a wheelchair to get around because I don’t tire as quickly as I used to, but I am still adjusting to doing more than laying in bed and sitting up to eat or walk to the bathroom like I’ve been doing since February!  And in building up my stamina I’m working on building up my strength too.  I’m at -24 lbs for this pregnancy… but hey, at my worst point I was at -31 lbs so I’ve gained some weight back!!  My superwoman muscles are non-existent!!

Today marks the first time I’m sitting at my work desk on my work computer in three months. And the main thing I realized after working to clean up for almost 4 hours in my office is that THIS PLACE IS A COMPLETE MESS.  This room naturally accumulates junks and the overflow of clutter from the main house, but three months of me not dealing any of it (which means no one has dealt with it) means there’s quite a bit of it. Add to that my husband taking over my work desk mainly to use the computer but also because all our bills and paperwork got sorted from my desk (because I’m the one who did it!)… he has kinda made the space ‘his’ which means piles of stuff and nothing in the right place.

So even though I have the energy to probably get back to work and pick up on orders and building inventory for the end of the year, I don’t have the space and am so completely overwhelmed by the clutter in here that it’ll probably take me the rest of the month to be okay.

But I do plan on coming back to blog every week and eventually get something crafty done and posted too!  And next week Saturday is my big gender-revealing ultrasound (provided baby cooperates!), so be sure to stop back and see if it’s a boy like Big A wants or a girl like Daddy J wants!!  Little A and I just want a happy, healthy baby so we’ll be happy either way!

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with me.  And thank you to those who have left such wonderful and supportive comments while I’ve been out.  I haven’t had a chance to make the blog rounds but just know I appreciate you all being there for me!

lovies, =o) kel

i’m (kinda sorta) baaaaack!

  • cycworker

    So sorry i’ve not commented in a while, Kel. You are in my prayers! Glad to see you are starting to get back on your feet.

  • Marcy

    Glad to hear from you Kel and glad you are getting back on your feet! Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

  • I’m so pleased to hear things are going well (well, maybe apart from the clutter, but you’ll get there on that!). Hope it’s all plain sailing from now on – you’ve had your fair share of feeling rough! 🙂

  • How wonderful to know you are doing better. Lots going on at Daydream Designs and we are eager to have you back whenever you are ready. Go slow…pace yourself. We are still covering you in prayer for you and your baby’s well being.

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