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Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!!

I am officially 14 weeks today, and starting my 2nd trimester!  I can’t tell you how excited I am that the worst 1/3 of my pregnancy is behind me.

Since I blogged last, I have, over the course of a couple weeks each, worked in protein shakes, and then solid food, and then food + liquid into my diet.  I am now at a point where I can eat 1-2 meals a day, and hold down about 1/2 the liquid I need to survive (you are supposed to get 2 liters of fluid a day and I get one through my IV and around one through drinks).

I am down to 2 different meds daily (versus the 3-4 I was taking before) – diclegis once at nighttime, and zofran 2x a day (versus the 3x a day I NEEDED to take before, so yay for lowering that!).  But believe me, I know when the zofran wears off and I need to take my next dose.  I don’t think my nausea is gone, just finally under control.  And speaking of nausea, I throw up maybe 2x a week now, versus 4x daily when I first got my IV.  I still have my nauseous moments, but am usually able to either keep it down and let it settle, or if it’s bad enough, force myself to sleep through it.

The original goal was to be off IV and meds by May, but it seems like ‘sometime in May at the earliest’ is more realistic.  I know, I know, when I am done being sick and can get off IV is not something I have ANY say in.  haha.  I am grateful for the IV and the multivitamin + folic acid I get through my IV… I don’t have to stress about forcing myself to drink enough (because the 1 liter I do manage to drink throughout the day is at times forced down or forcibly kept down), and I really don’t have to stress about my diet and forcing myself to eat enough of the right things for this baby.  My nausea may be under control but my food aversions are still rampant and at this point, I will do whatever I need to in order to avoid throwing up again.

Baby is healthy and moving around a lot, which is reassuring.  I started feeling him/her kick from the inside… meaning I can’t yet feel it with my hands so I can’t share it with the kids or with J but hopefully I can share this feeling with them soon!  Dr. said we can find out gender closer to week 20, so I still have another SIX WEEKS until we find out if Big A gets his boy or if Daddy J gets his girl!!  Haha.  And we are definitely going to find out gender!  I don’t do well with secrets!!

That’s it for my update.  I am slowly getting my energy back but it is a very slow-going process.  We have been able to go out shopping but I either need to borrow my dad’s wheelchair, or limit my walking (mostly leaning on the cart lol) to no more than 20-30 minutes with tons of rest stops in between!  I will keep you guys updated on anything new… but thanks for stopping by and I miss you and will see you soon!!

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Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!!

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