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Yup, it’s a baby!!

I am taking a brief hiatus from blogging and crafting… But believe me it’s not by choice!!


I am a little over 9 weeks pregnant! And believe me, the past 3 weeks have been HELL for me and my family. Pregnancy for me comes with a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum which basically means extreme nausea and vomiting to the point of dehydration and weight loss.

Since Feb 12th, my first prenatal appointment, I’ve lost 19.5lbs, been to the ER 3x before getting approved for a PICC line (long term iv line) and iv home therapy, and at this point, do not have the ability to drink or eat. Don’t get me wrong, I try every day but 99% of the time everything comes up.

So I barely have the ability to function on my own and walk the 10 feet from my bed to bathroom, let alone walk downstairs and across the house to craft! My kids are being taken care of (and I can’t tell you how much I miss everyday with them!) by my husband, my parents and my in-laws but it still guilts me that I can’t even help them with their homework or really stand to be around them – too much energy, movement, smells for me to handle right now. Lol. But they understand and are excited for a new baby!

I’ll check back in periodically and update you guys on my condition when I can… The HG lasted 4 months with Big A and 6 months with Little A so I’m expecting to be out until at least May.

Until then, take care my friends! I’ll definitely miss you guys!!

lovies, =o) kel

Yup, it’s a baby!!

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