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So Sweet of You

Here’s another card in my WIW Card Challenge.  I think this stamp is the one I have the most trouble using in this set.  And I don’t know why… because I think it’s the cutest one in here!


Short post for today.  My cousin and her fam are coming over for dinner tonight so I need to prep for that.  She and I are the only girls of 6 first cousins on my mom’s side and we’re 11 months apart, so grew up like sisters.  Her son and my boys LOVE playing together so we are trying to make it a point to see each other more regularly… which you wouldn’t think was hard because for the past few years she’s been about 15 minutes away!  She is now about 3 minutes away so we’re trying to do dinner every week or so.  Tonight’s my turn to host!!  Off to figure out what to do!

This is card #13 in my 100 Cards in 100 Days challenge… I’m still only 1 behind!!  This is also #7 in this month’s WIW Card Challenge.

lovies, =o) kel

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