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Dinner Break Post!

This is just a super quick post as I sit down for a second while getting dinner ready!  Usually I have my posts all scheduled in advance so this is a rare moment for me!!

I wanted to share a really quick card I made today… J has been off the last 2 days so my productivity level has been BELOW zero!!  I am so behind on so many things!!  And I know I should be on card #11 today in my 100×100 challenge… but this is only card #9 =o(

Better than nothing, though… right?? haha.  As you can probably tell, this is progress on my WIW challenge this month too.  This is card #3 (of 24… yikes!) and yes, it’s another baby card.  I have tons of baby boy cards but only a handful of baby girl ones, so I’m trying to build my stash.


Okay, break time’s over.  Back to dinner!  Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Wednesday!  Tomorrow’s Scrap It Thursday so fingers crossed that I can get a layout done in time! haha!

lovies, =o) kel

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