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Washi Paper Card

I was digging through my stamps trying to see if there’s anything I could or wanted to purge… this year is all about being able to breathe and I definitely can’t do that with the sheer amount of crap I have in this craft room!!  I came across this old set from Stampendous with the fans and I knew it would pair perfectly with some Japanese washi paper with gold embossed dragonflies on it. Because of course, local Japanese washi cards wouldn’t be complete without some gold paper!!  haha!


 This was a super fun, super simple card to do.  And if anyone is counting, this is card #76 in my 100 Cards in 100 Days challenge.  I’m actually ahead of that count but most can’t be revealed yet, so as far as cards blogged, I’m at 76.  lol.  Have a nice week!  So much for me saying I’d be taking a light blogging schedule thru Easter!!

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