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CCC#7 with alliteration!

Our Crafty Critters Challenge #7 was to make a 3D item that screams SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really had to think about this one… I can do layouts and mini-albums and even cards without having to brainstorm so much but this 3D item threw me for a loop!!!!!  I signed up for this challenge at the beginning of June and I stuck the info on a post-it (I LOVE POST-ITS!!) and stuck it on my desk and stared at it and stared at it and stared at it some more……. and then a good week and something later i had my “a-ha!” moment.  BEACH BAG!!!   And the great thing about it is that it also qualifies for the Young Scrappers mini-challenge#1 for July… i had joined the group back at its conception and then stuck with them until about a year, which is when life took over! thankfully though, some of the gals are still there and remember me!! so i’m slowly working my way back into the group. lots of new names and faces which is always great, but i have to remember them!! haha.

So here’s my take on both challenges… my bright beautiful beach bag backpack.  haha.  Well, I don’t know that it’s beautiful but I needed another “B” adjective to emphasize my alliteration.  I got the tutorial from someone’s blog (so sorry I was blog hopping and didn’t bookmark it but I’m looking!)… the SCS one seemed more complicated to me mainly because you had to trace and cut… this one was just score and cut and fold… to me, the less work the better!! and again, apologies for the picture, it was almost midnight and i needed to get this done!!


lovies, =o) kel

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